5 Ways To Reuse Cardboard Rolls


The best time-saving DIY projects are often made with items found lying around your house. They’re also the cheapest. Your space is a treasure trove of lost objects just waiting to be uncovered. Assemble these objects and a craft is born. Take cardboard rolls, for example.


#SimpleSides: Low-Carb Edition


“Summer is the time we eat the healthiest because it’s bikini season” – said no one ever.

If you’re re-thinking the past week in meals, chances are you weren’t so innocent. Summertime usually means barbecue platters, and we’re all thinking we should have stopped about five cheeseburgers ago. Lighten the load at your next dinner with this healthy (but hearty) warm salad made with three simple ingredients.


Weaving a God’s Eye


If you’ve tried creating your own wall art in the past, be it a painting or an art installation, there’s a good chance that it didn’t end up like the picture perfect example you saw online. It happens. Most DIY projects require skills and tools that the average college girl doesn’t have. These God’s Eye patterns have recently become a popular staple in bohemian decor. Sometimes they’re strung up as garland, hanging in store windows like Free People and Anthropology. Other times, they’re being made in a place that requires no skill at all—kid’s summer camps. Create the grownup version in these easy steps, and you’ll have your own piece of Pin-worthy art just like the picture.


Golden Citrus Sangria


Sangria is a summer tradition leagues above your typical jungle juice. While rich in flavor, sangria is surprisingly easy to make. Grab your favorite white wine and get ready to make a must-have recipe for the summer.


Seashell Napkin Rings


You’re back from vacation, and nestled at the bottom of your suitcase are some hidden souvenirs—because who says collecting seashells is just something for kids? Take stock of these seaside treasures and transform them into part of your table setting.


Mexican Grilled Corn


The great thing about grilling is that you can literally throw on any protein and vegetable to create a flame-kissed menu. But charring will only get you so far. The grill should be used as a tool for cooking, not a be-all, end-all element. With the right seasoning, you can transform a normal grilled piece of corn into this Mexican street food classic.


Watermelon Mint Salad


Nothing keeps you nourished on a hot summer day like H2O. Watermelon being 91% water helps quench that thirst in the form of a refreshing snack. This recipe is made with three easy-to-find ingredients, and prep time is under one hour. Make this as a side for a picnic, or serve at a 4th of July barbecue.


Table Settings: Piñata Fringe


Make a simple lunch meeting pop with a festive piñata skirt for your table. With the cheap cost of tissue paper and the wide variety of colors to choose from, this DIY is not only affordable, but can be adjusted for almost any occasion. Choose neutral colors for a business meeting, bright ones for a late night social, and favorites for a birthday celebration.


Salted Rosemary Shortbread


Shortbread may look like a plain cookie, but it’s traditional buttery taste is what makes it a classic treat. By adding a fresh sprig of rosemary, the shortbread has a floral aroma. Plus, topping the cookies with ground sea salt helps contrast the sweetness. When all of the ingredients come together, it makes for a full flavored treat that goes well with tea or just as dessert.


5 Ways To Reuse Your Wine


Unless you’re a responsible recycler, chances are the extra wine bottles in your home are lining shelves somewhere as a cheap means of decorating. Sure, leftover bottles make great vases and candleholders. That’s been done before. Here are some new ways you can start using wine for your benefit.


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