Wheat Berry Arugula Salads


Shedding your winter layers is a joyous thing. Observing the added weight gain from seasonal snacking? Not so much. Making the transition into a healthier season is something you and your guests can get behind. If you’ve scoffed at salads before, let this hearty recipe be the solution to your new and improved you.


Cupcake Decorating Made Easy


The cupcake trend has come and gone several times as the go-to birthday gift. Making them yourself is a whole new plate of possibilities, and ones your friends can enjoy together. So instead of long lines and sold-out flavors, you can still create something worth savoring and save the overhyped trendy stuff for next time.


Romantic Valentine Garlands


Depending on who your friend group is, you other love Valentine’s Day or you hate it. Valentine’s Day decorations can be just as cheesy as the holiday itself, with cupids and hearts that don’t match the color scheme in your space. Create something that that you love, without overdoing it.


Breakfast Skillet Hash


Sometimes the hangover struggle is all too real, but a hostess is always prepared. Whether you’re hosting friends or a significant other, impress them with a dish that cures all your worries. With hearty potatoes and protein-packed ingredients, you can whip this up in under a half hour and feel like a chef.


Pipe Cleaner Crowns


Who couldn’t use a little sparkle on New Year’s Eve? Confetti gets messy, noisemakers are too loud. Make a party favor that adds some glamour to your party and help outshine all of your friends on Instagram. All it takes is a cheap set of pipe cleaners and your trusty hands…


Paper Fortune Cookies


Every New Year’s party is pretty much the same: champagne, waiting, champagne, more waiting, then the countdown. Other than leaving a party with a resolution, give your guests a sendoff with some favors that fit the theme. Everyone’s got a clean slate going into 2015, why not give them a nudge in the right direction?


Gold Holiday Marquis


When we think of the holidays, bright displays have become a key staple for decorating. Twinkling lights can always brighten up even the smallest of spaces. While there are many ways to hang string lights, here’s a new approach: making your own marquee.


Chocolate Peppermint Cookie Grams


Whether you’re working towards impressing your boss or brightening someone’s day, these chocolate peppermint cookies are your key to an impressive holiday treat. Oozing with pure chocolate, peppermint, and yes, Nutella, it’s impossible not to sink your teeth into these and cram five more in your mouth.


Snow-Dusted Pine Cones

IMG_7195Collecting pine cones is a great way to source from the outdoors. Dust off the dirt with an old toothbrush and now you have a pine cone just waiting to be decorated. Mimic the harsh winters with a softer technique: glitter.


How to Holiday Gift Wrap Your Mail

IMG_6962Mailing your gifts on time is challenging enough, but getting post office approval is a whole other issue. Unless you have a standard gift box, how else are you supposed to pack those “tricky” items? Here are some ways to outsmart standard packaging and maintain that pristine holiday feel.


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