Chocolate Peppermint Cookie Grams


Whether you’re working towards impressing your boss or brightening someone’s day, these chocolate peppermint cookies are your key to an impressive holiday treat. Oozing with pure chocolate, peppermint, and yes, Nutella, it’s impossible not to sink your teeth into these and cram five more in your mouth.


Snow-Dusted Pine Cones

IMG_7195Collecting pine cones is a great way to source from the outdoors. Dust off the dirt with an old toothbrush and now you have a pine cone just waiting to be decorated. Mimic the harsh winters with a softer technique: glitter.


How to Holiday Gift Wrap Your Mail

IMG_6962Mailing your gifts on time is challenging enough, but getting post office approval is a whole other issue. Unless you have a standard gift box, how else are you supposed to pack those “tricky” items? Here are some ways to outsmart standard packaging and maintain that pristine holiday feel.


Tortellini Kale Soup

IMG_6927If friends are trekking far and wide to visit your apartment, they’re probably facing the struggle that is winter weather. Reward them with some homemade soup, and maybe next time they won’t complain about the commute. Better yet, this stuff makes for amazing leftovers.


Cranberry Garland

IMG_6700Decorating for Thanksgiving doesn’t need to be an overhaul. With so much food on the table, the dishes should be the main focal point. If you’re looking to dress up your place anyways, try this simple DIY that you can make 5 minutes before your guests arrive.


#SimpleSides: Thanksgiving Edition


When you’re home for Thanksgiving, your family usually has the cooking part covered. So what’s left for you to contribute? (Other than freeloading the Thanksgiving sangria) Here’s a #SimpleSide you can make that doesn’t require carving, basting, or stuffing a bird.


Apple Cider Sangria


A way for you to bob for apples without having to deal with the actual bobbing. Plus there’s booze.


5 Things You Can Make From Canned Pumpkin


 Not everyone is an expert at pumpkin carving, so using real pumpkins in our cooking isn’t the easiest task. You can only OD on Starbucks’ #PSLs so many times, but you still need your pumpkin fix. There’s a more natural way to add that flavor in all of your favorite foods and by the end of this, you’ll have consumed an entire pumpkin patch. Too much?


Favorite Follows


 Being social media savvy means we’re constantly tracking new trends. Lifestyle tips are moving swiftly from magazine pages straight to our newsfeed. However, the overwhelming number of selfies and brunch photos clog up our phone screens (and our metaphorical arteries). Get in touch with the true influencers online with these weekly Favorite Follows.


#DateNight Dinner: Easy & Healthy


Impressing a date doesn’t always have to be boxed spaghetti and a jar of Prego. You can really impress someone with a meal that has the right seasonings, and unexpected ingredient, and of course full flavor. This dish has all of these things, and it only takes twenty minutes to make. This is balsamic glazed chicken with peaches and and quinoa:


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